5 Things you do That can make you Beta Male.

as a guy you definitely want to be in tune with your feminine side you want to be sensitive understanding and definitely not some sort of chauvinistic asshole but here's the catch the gray area well women say they don't want the overly macho douchebag they also don't want the super feminine chump they can't defend them freaking women bro I know they're confusing and here's the bad part most guys will do certain things certain little mannerisms that women will side-eye you for and consider you super feminine so today I'm gonna show you 5 certain things that guys do that make women think that you are more feminine than you really are.

1. You take too many selfies.

let's be honest 
here boys there really is no manly way to grab a phone put it in your face and start posing for it the problem also 
becomes is that guys that take selfies 
for some odd reason are considered vainer therefore not only are your feminine you're 
also seen as less attractive.

2. You let her drive.

Women love men to take control but if she's the one that's driving you around all the time she's just gonna see you as feminine because you're at her will and no girl will want their partner to be indolent who doesn't even want to drive.

3. Bald Chicken.

Girls, they want you 
to prune and manscape all your body here 
if you don't you're just gonna look like 
a wildling so anything for plucking nose hairs ears hairs trimming your armpits and even down there it's all acceptable but what definitely will get through the side-eye from females is anytime you shave or wax off completely any hair from your body especially your iron mic down there no one wants to look at a bald chicken you just have this monstrous veiny one ideal just staring at her.

4. Crying.

I'm talking for no reason of course 
if you've ever dated an emotional girl you probably already know that they'll cry about anything especially when it's that time with a month well that's the exact image that you portrayed to her when you cry for everything especially for a small setback like watching Oprah or because you're hungry or because your friend backstabbed you real men only cry when their emotions warn it like the passing of somebody close the birth of your child at your wedding etc.

5. Gossip.

Gossiping, as a habit is 
just a bad trait to have in general whether you're a guy or a girl I just want to be that guy that nobody can trust but on top of that gossiping, in general, is associated with girls so when you're the guy that's running around gossip all over the place you're gonna be seen as more offensive.

If you are doing one of these then you gotta have to stop doing it, and you are the person who is doing none of these, Congratulation man you are an Alpha Male.