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5 Things you do That can make you Beta Male.

as a guy you definitely want to be in  tune with your feminine side you want to  be sensitive understanding and  definitely not some sort of chauvinistic  asshole but here's the catch the gray  area well women say they don't want the  overly macho douchebag they also don't  want the super feminine chump they can't  defend them freaking women bro I know  they're confusing and here's the bad  part most guys will do certain things  certain little mannerisms that women  will side-eye you for and consider you  super feminine so today I'm gonna show  you 5 certain things that guys do  that make women think that you are more  feminine than you really are. 1. You take too many selfies. let's be honest  here boys there really is no manly way  to grab a phone put it in your face and  start posing for it the problem also  becomes is that guys that take selfies  for some odd reason are considered vainer  therefore not only are your  feminine you

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